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ONDI STUDIO specializes in gorgeous Toronto wedding videography and cinematography. We will create a dynamic, cinematic production that makes your Toronto wedding video an amazing one! We have state of the art equipment and experienced teams to ensure that not a moment is missed by one of the most important days of your life, your wedding day! We also feel that it is so important to capture as much as possible throughout the ENTIRE wedding day and night to make the result a compilation of your favorite memories. Our Videography team are the best wedding videographers in Toronto

Videography or Cinematography?

Cinematography is much different than videography. Cinematography is an art. It blends shooting creativity with storytelling. The wedding trailers you see on our website and blog are all shot with a cinematic style. We start out at the beginning of each wedding with a blank canvas and fill that blank canvas with all sorts of moments. When we shoot cinematically, we capture a moment (the bride and the groom smiling at each other, a guest wiping her tears, etc.) and then move around to get other interesting/creative angles.

While our top wedding cinematographers are moving around to capture those different angles and perspectives, they are not recording the entire event. However, there are some parts (vows, speeches, etc.) where we will capture the entire moment. Much like a still photographer, when they are moving around, they are not shooting still photos the entire time.When we are moving around, we are not shooting video the entire time as well. But this technique allows us to get those interesting shots that make your wedding film unique and interesting to watch.

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